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People with undiagnosed/under treated disabilities make up a disproportionate amount of those who use up their lifetime cash benefits (the maximum lifetime time is 60 months).

It’s really important to remember that in most other official government statistics, only disabled people who had diagnoses and have gone through the entire process of proving they cannot work (which is hellish in and of itself) are counted as disabled.

Why We Should Give Free Money to Everyone

(Source: disquietingtruths)

Things able-bodied people need to stop saying to the chronically ill.


• “At least you’re not dying!”
• “You’re only disabled if you let yourself be.”
• “You need to tell yourself you’re going to get better, else you won’t.”
• “But you can’t be in pain ALL the time, don’t exaggerate.”
• “You don’t LOOK ill.”
• “There’s so many people worse off than you.”
• “I’m sure you don’t REALLY need help.”
• “Sometimes it’s easier to just give up.”
• “Stop being so negative.”

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